2020-08-05 23:40

This will be my final post on

From 2010 to 2014 I regularly posted graphical javascript demos on this site. Many continue to work, though those requiring a backend no longer function. At some point I also started writing blog posts about programming and travelling.

These are some of the first programs I ever wrote. I would often pull all-nighters during university working on the latest demo. One of the first demos that appeared on this site is this fairly basic animation of a fractal which a friend and I stayed up until 3am making at the end of our first semester of computer science. After months of writing c programs that ran in a terminal, this blew our fucking minds!

My favourite demo was one of the first I made: Heroes and Villains. It's a simulation of a "getting to you know you" game where people follow each other around a room based on certain rules. I wrote a blog post post explaining how it works it detail.

During the lifetime of this site my mindset was very much "do everything from scratch". The site went from static html files to perl to php to ruby, and various different incarnations of hand-crafted content management systems. In lieu of markdown I made my own xml-based markup language. I made my own 3d renderer as my penultimate post will attest. The point was to learn as much as I could, and it was totally worth it, though I'm paying the price tonight as I manually paste links to this post into the side bar of all the other pages. My hand-rolled CMS no longer works, so all I have is the output of the last time that I ran it - 6 years ago. We've come full circle back to static html.

In 2015 my personal projects became more focused on game development, and I started a new blog, where I have been posting since.